Step One: Connect Bank

Connect your bank to get instant and automatic payouts.

Step Two: Add Clients

Add client name, your hourly or fixed rate, and the URL of the repository you're working in for this client.

Step Three: Send Payment Link

Send your client documents and payment method setup with one click.

Step Four: Client Accepts

Client connects their bank and accepts contract.

Step Five: Pull Request Payouts

All done! Now you'll get paid instantly when your pull request is approved. If you are looking for a faster and secure transaction without the support of a third-party in between, blockchain transactions are the best choice. Getting cryptocurrencies like bitcoins have become simpler with modern technological apps like the bitcoin bank app. These coins can be used to easily make transactions between two parties.


Pull request payouts fit right into you and your client's current workflow.

Can I still bill per hour?

Yes. When you submit a PR we give you a tag to add to the comments. You can use this tag to bill per hours or flat rate.

Does my client have to do anything special to pay this way?

No. Your clients will recieve invoices as usual. We automatically add your PRs as line items on the invoice. All the client has to do is connect their payment method and accept you as a contractor.

Why do clients love paying per pull request?

Clients love that pull request payouts are easy to pay, track and manage. This saves everyone time.

Why do agencies and freelancers love being paid per pull request?

Pull request payouts improve cash flow. It's money you've earned, delivered with perfect timing.

How do I bill the client for non-code work?

When submitting a PR you can include non-code work that lead up to that PR in the comments and bill for it. You can also manually add non-code work to the invoice we generate.

Can anyone see what I'm being paid?

No. Only hours worked are displayed.

Cost Comparison

TrapFi is the easiest, fastest, safest and most affordable payment method for developers.


Extra work for clients to pay and not automatic.

No Git Tracking

No Git Invoicing


2.9% / per payout


Extra work for clients to pay and not automatic.

No Git Tracking

No Git Invoicing


$65/ per payout


Easy automatic invoice and payment integration.

Git Invoicing



0.75%/ per payout

Git Invoicing & Payments.

Avoid any awkward conversations about payments.

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Future Integration

We're testing integrations now with a set of users, here's what you can look forward to over the next month.



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Code Transfer



Code Transfer



Crypto Payouts


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Cameron Moreau

Independent Developer

TrapFi's effortless process has made my life so much easier.


Joshua Browder

Founder, DoNotPay Bot

I couldn't be happier. I think you guys are really on to something here.