Automatic Repositories beta access

Each time you add a new contract, we generate a new repository for it. We automatically invite your subcontractors to your repository. TrapFi is also low buy-in, you can subcontract a feature and then pull the changes back.

Clone Existing Repos

Auto Repo Invites

Repo Ejection (Low Buy-In)


Built-In IP Transfer


Automatic Task Calculationbeta access

Each time you add a task, we convert it into a subcontract. TrapFi also calculates the value of each task added based on budget, complexity and total number of tasks.

Task Based Payouts

Pay subcontractors per task completed instead of per hour. An approved pull request URL is required for tasks to be dragged to done. Once tasks are dragged to done, subcontractors are paid automatically.

Meet The Founders

Cam, Eric & Nigel.

How It Works

3 Simple Steps.

1Add a contract

Add your contract and contract details to TrapFi. This is where you add specs, tasks and budget. You can also invite a PM to do this for you.

2Invite subcontractors

Press a button and invite your subcontractors to new contracts. You can also summon the talent network if you need additional help.


Subcontractors are paid for their deliverables and you can merge changes back into your project.

Never Turn Down Contract Work

Our job is to make delegation easy and efficient so you can earn more.

Get Started


We're testing integrations now with a set of users, here's what you can look forward to over the next month.



Code Transfer


Google Drive

File Transfer



Safe Payouts



Dev Network


Coming Soon: TrapFi Mobile

Manage your contracts on the go.


Why developers love TrapFi.


Cameron Moreau

Independent Developer

TrapFi's effortless process has made my life so much easier.


Joshua Browder

Founder, DoNotPay Bot

I couldn't be happier. I think you guys are really on to something here.